Plastic Pelletizing Machine

The granulation machine is used to produce PE pellets, PP pellets, PVC pellets, PET pellets, PE filler masterbatch pellets, black masterbatch, PLA masterbatch, biodegradable pellets, engineering modified pellets, Alloy pellets, ABS pellets, color masterbatch pellets, rigid pvc pellets, soft pvc pellets, functional pellets, plastic filler pellets. For granulation machine include mixing machine, extruder, die face cutting, air blower, transit silo and final storage silo. Extruder has single screw extruder, twin screw extruder, one stage, two stage etc.

Shredder & Crusher

Plastic shredder machine is used in shredding film, lumps, woven bags, bottle, pipe, paper, wood, tire, tin, can, various kinds of hollow or solid plastic material. Plastic crusher is adopted for find grinding of material. The combination of shredder and crushing machine can process a variety of waste materials. Plastic shredder machine is suitable to process PA, PE, PP, PET, ABS, PVC wood pallet and various engineering plastic material.

Plastic Washing Machine

Plastic recycling machine can process a variety of waste plastic material. It can plastic film washing machine, plastic bottle washing machine, plastic pp jumbo bags washing machine, pp woven bags recycling machine, waste tube recycling machine, jerrycan recycling machine, water bottle recycling machine, hard plastic recycling machine and battery box pp material recycling machine.

High Efficiency Plastic Recycling Solution

As a result of our high quality products and outstanding customer service,we have provide many turnkey project to clients and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets all over the world.

About Us

Gangsu Machinery has been specializing in the manufacturing of waste plastic washing and recycling equipment for nearly 20 years. We manufacture plastic washing equipment, plastic extrusion pelletizing equipment, plastic crushers, shredders, etc.. Our range of recycling equipment includes PET bottle recycling equipment, PET washing lines, PET bottle recycling and cleaning equipment, PE/PP film cleaning and recycling production lines, PE/PP milk bottle, bucket, and basin cleaning and recycling production lines, PVC recycling production lines, pipe recycling production lines, PE/PP extrusion pelletizing equipment, film extrusion pelletizing equipment, and more. 



Plastic Film Squeezing Machine


PE Film Crusher


PET Crushing Washing Recycling Line (GANGSU)

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