PP woven bag pelletizing line

Recycle the plastic waste to make profit

Our pelletizing production line integrates crushing compactor and pelletizing ,with high level of automation.With high feeding efficiency , it is more suitable for large size film to enter the equipment directly without crushing . Intelligent modular system and onekey for startup and shutdown are secure and stable . We can provide single stage , double stages and multi-stage structure according to different requirements in order to ensure the excellent quality of the particles.



The PE/PP Film Woven Bags Die-Face Cutting Pelletizing Line has two kinds of types. One is the RDS Series Single Stage Compacting Die-Face Cutting Pelletizing Line which is used for PE Film, PE bags and PLA Film. If your material is more clean (not dirty), you can use this type. Other is the RSS Series Double Stage Compacting Die-Face Cutting Pelletizing Line which is used for PE Film, PE Bags and PLA Film. Compared with single stage, double stage works more stable, produces more clean and more density granules. We can design the layout according to customers’ workshop.



Compacting Force Feeder

Compacting hopper opening by hydraulic system. With glass window and light to check inside working. Barrel base with the water cooling system controlled by magnetic valve by temperature The barrel touched material all made by stainless steel.

Single Screw Extruder

Single screw Extruder made by sturdy frame, heavy. No vibrating when machine running; The whole frame where installed the gearbox, motor and screw has done the milling working. The frame is build up by the square tube and thick steel on top.

Vacuum Degassing System

With the vacuum degassing system

Hydraulic Screen Changer

Double position board model Board made by 38CrMnAl with forging, heating treatment won’t deform after heating using.

Degassing Die Head

Made by 40Cr material with tempering and quenching treatment. Design as a material disperser so the material comes out as noddle, so it can remove the air and humidity from the material.

Die Head

Die mold made by the 40Cr material with forging treatment, surface been nitriding treatment and manufacturing by CNC


·The function of the blower is to transport particles to the silo through stainless steel pipes. ·Pipes and silos are wrapped with black sound insulation cotton, which reduces the volume from 82dB to 68dB. ·Pipes and silos are made by SUS 304.

Electrical Control Cabinet

·Inverter: ABB/DELTA. ·Contactor: Schneider. ·Adopt CE safety electrical components. ·Solid state relay is optional for heating control. ·Safety interlock principle applied in the system



Installed power140205290410580
Labor requirements2-32-32-33-44-5
Factpry area(L*W*H)10*5*412*5.5*414*6.5*416*6.5*418*6.5*4.5


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