GB Series Plastic Crusher

Plastic Crushers: Shaping a Sustainable Future

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Crush – Turning Plastic Trash into Treasure.
  • Waste Reduction: Plastic crushers reduce the size of plastic waste material, which leads to a decrease in the volume of waste. 
  • Resource Recovery: Crushers make it possible to recover valuable materials from plastic waste.
  • Cost Savings: Recycling plastics through crushing and processing can lead to significant savings in production costs.
  • Space Efficiency: Crushers can reduce the storage space needed for plastic waste before disposal or recycling.
  • Compliance: Using plastic crushers can help industries comply with environmental regulations and promote responsible waste management practices.

The GB series plastic bottle crusher, also referred to as a plastic bottle granulator, is meticulously engineered for the precise processing of hollow plastic items. This machine is primarily designed to handle a diverse range of hollow plastic containers, including but not limited to, hollow bottles and barrels. It effortlessly accommodates square or round PC/PET hollow blow-molded barrels, eliminating the need for manual cutting and preventing material wastage.

Moreover, this crusher boasts exceptional attributes such as minimal power consumption and remarkable efficiency, positioning it as a pivotal tool in the realm of waste plastic recycling, material reuse, and the processing of non-conforming plastic products.

Applicable Materials

The GB Plastic bottle crusher machine finds extensive applications in the rubber and plastic industry, encompassing bottle blowing machines and blow molding machines. It excels at directly crushing a wide array of hollow blow-molded barrels, including square and round PC/PET hollow blow-molded barrels, mineral water bottles, gallon drums, paint buckets, chemical barrels, and various other sizes and shapes. Furthermore, this bottle crusher showcases exceptional processing prowess, with the capability to directly crush hollow barrels of sizes up to 200 liters.

Chemical Barrel
Gallon Drum
Plastic Bottle
Paint Bucket

Product Features

01 High-strength Blades

The blades are constructed from high-strength alloy tool steel, ensuring exceptional hardness and remarkable wear resistance. These blades can be sharpened and reused multiple times. They are equipped with internal hexagonal screw countersunk holes to prevent screw wear caused by prolonged usage.

02 Rear Arc Plate Design

The rear arc plate is ingeniously designed with a circular arc shape, enhancing the secure fixation of the hollow drum body and reducing the chances of unwanted bouncing.

03 Soundproofing Design

The feeding hopper incorporates a four-sided double-layer soundproofing design. Its inner layer consists of stainless steel, sandwiched with soundproofing materials. This meticulous design not only guarantees outstanding noise reduction but also delivers effective sound insulation.

04 Electrical Components

The equipment adopts electrical components from globally renowned brand Siemens, ensuring performance stability and providing a high level of safety and reliability.

Product Design Technique

  • A distinctive patented design for the front blade eliminates the necessity for manual cutting, enabling direct crushing.
  • The feeding hopper features a four-sided double-layer soundproofing design, delivering exceptional noise reduction.
  • Our blades are crafted from high-strength alloy tool steel, ensuring remarkable hardness and outstanding wear resistance. These blades can be sharpened and reused repeatedly.
  • They come equipped with internal hexagonal screw countersunk holes, effectively preventing screw wear resulting from prolonged usage.

Parameters Table

Grinding Chamber (mm)530*400660*450830*5201100*740
Grinding Capacity (KG/H)300-550400-550750-1080800-1200
Stationary Cutter2444
Rotary Cutter3669
Mesh Size (mm)14141616
Dimensions (LxWxHxH1 mm)1430×1120×1930×14581430×1120×1930×14582000x1610x2690x20302450x1940x3460x2710
Barrel Volume (L)30L30L100L


Barrel Size (mm)Φ260*490Φ330*490Φ420*780Φ600*1000
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